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Haier water purifier agent What about Haier water purifier?

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Founded in 1984, Haier, a world-renowned provider of home appliance solutions, is committed to transforming into a real Internet company to produce refrigerators for home appliances business groups.
Founded in 1984, Haier group is a major appliance brand in the world. Now it has transformed from a traditional home appliance manufacturing enterprise to an open business platform. In the Internet era, Haier is committed to transforming into a real Internet company, creating a win-win eco environment based on the community economy, based on user value interaction and with integrity as the core competitiveness.
 Haier group
Facing the trend of the era of experience economy and sharing economy, Haier takes the "integrity and ecology sharing platform" and "people single to small and micro detonation" as the spirit and style of Haier in the new era. It has made subversive explorations in three aspects of strategy, organization and manufacture, and has created a dynamic cycle system. Strategically, we should establish a user centered and win-win ecological circle to achieve the win-win growth of all stakeholders in the ecosystem. On the organization, we should change the traditional closed hierarchical system to organize the network nodes, open and integrate the global resources. In manufacturing, we should explore the Internet factory instead of the traditional physical factory, from large-scale manufacturing to large-scale customization. The main line of Haier's business model has always been "human value first". In the process of transformation, employees turn from employers and executors to entrepreneurs and dynamic partners.
From the social value of transformation, as of August 2017, 2246 entrepreneurial projects were gathered on the Haier shared entrepreneurship platform. There were 4316 incubator resources for venture innovation on the platform, 1333 venture capital institutions, 118 incubator spaces, 12 billion venture capital funds, 15 start-ups and new incubation bases, providing abundant resources for entrepreneurs. On the Haier platform, there are more than 200 small businesses, more than 3800 nodes, small and micro businesses and 1 million 220 thousand micro stores are working hard to realize the socialization of capital and manpower. Over 100 small and micro revenues have been over 100 million yuan, and 52 small and micro enterprises have been introduced to venture capital, and 18 small and micro valuations are over 100 million. Because of the centralization, disintermediation and "insulation wall" of Haier in the process of mode transformation, the number of employees on Haier has decreased by 45% compared with the peak time, but Haier has provided more than 1 million 600 thousand jobs for the whole society.
From the perspective of industrial innovation, Haier focuses on the innovation of the five platforms: white power transformation platform, investment incubation platform, financial holding platform, real estate industry platform and cultural industry platform.
White electricity transformation platform: focusing on the transformation of electrical appliances to network devices to the website, through the community platform, the interconnection factory, the intelligent life platform and so on, take the advanced iteration as the fulcrum, and become the leader of the intelligent family in the era of Internet of things.
Investment Incubation Platform: focus on building user ecosystem and platform integrity brand, through the establishment of community interaction ecosystem, to achieve the Internet of things in the scene of the business platform leading mode.
Financial holding platform: focusing on the community economy, taking the "golden housekeeper" and "industry investment bank" as the breakthrough point, through linking, reconstructing, CO creating and sharing, we will create a win-win environment for Industrial Finance and achieve the leading role of "industrial financial platform" in Internet finance.
Real estate industry platform: explore the wisdom of community life service model of the Internet of things.
Cultural industry platform: explore the Internet Era "content + community + business" value interaction mode of guidance.
The five platforms provide a series of entrepreneurial resources for customers, including manufacturing system, logistics system, venture capital incubation system, human capital system, etc., so that Chuang can use Haier's ecosystem resources to achieve innovation and growth on an open platform.
Through the exploration of the business mode in the era of Internet of things, Haier group has achieved steady growth.
The transformation of Haier is based on the exploration of the "human single in one" mode. Since September 20, 2005, the "human single in one" mode has been put forward, and this model has been upgraded to "human single, 2 in one way - creating a win-win ecological circle" mode. "People" upgrade from employees to stakeholders, and "single" upgrade from user value to user resources. The ultimate goal is to achieve a win-win situation of creating a win-win environment.
Now, Haier has more than 10 main brands in the world: Haier, CASA, sun Shun, GEA, AQUA, fiespeck, commander, DCS, MONOGRAM and so on. Each brand has its own market positioning and continuously meets user experience from different fields. 2017 is the first year of the Haier people's single in one mode in the global rooting, flowering and results. Haier will continue to promote the internationalization of the human single in one mode through the "salad" multicultural fusion system.

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