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Smith water purifier agent What about Smith water purifier?

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Smith started in 1874 in the United States, the Asia Pacific region's large water heater manufacturing and R & D base, set R & D / production / sales and services in one, professional to provide industrial / commercial / household hot water equipment products.
  Smith water purifier
Ai O Smith (China) water heater Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned company founded in 1998 by the US A.O. Smith company in Nanjing economic and Technological Development Zone, including the newly launched global super production and research base, with a total investment of US $180 million. A.O. Smith has established a modern management system for R & D, production, sale and service integration in China. The product has two main fields: household electric appliances, gas water heaters, air source heat pump water heaters, solar water heaters, home central heating water, household heating, water purifier, home central water purification, air purifier, water softener. Ten major categories, commercial products include hot water stove, hot water boiler, water purifier three major categories.
A.O. Smith is a multinational company with a history of over 100 years. Its headquarters is in Wisconsin, USA. It is a company that applies innovative technology and energy saving solutions to products and sells them all over the world. From the commercial area to the household sector, the manufacturers of high quality products and solutions from baby carriage metal parts, hardware manufacturers to water systems, rely on leading technology, quality products and perfect services, have become famous household and commercial hot water equipment and boiler manufacturers in North America.
A.O. Smith is a listed company on the New York stock exchange of the United States (code AOS). In 1936, it entered the field of water heater production. In 2014, the company had a global turnover of US $2 billion 360 million, and nearly 12 thousand and 400 employees worldwide. Currently, it has 23 factories and branches in 8 countries. A.O. Smith water heater and heating system, with its excellent quality and perfect service, has won the favor of many consumers and has been widely used in KFC and McDonald's chain stores all over the world, and has been used by the US government for its embassies and consulates abroad. A.O. Smith created an immortal legend lasting 143 years. In the past more than 100 years, A.O. Smith has focused on R & D and innovation, and has always insisted on pushing high quality products and services. It is precisely because of this insistence and strict adherence that A.O. Smith can create one industry miracle after another.

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