Which is better for water purifier? Technology and services are the key: water purifier evaluation network.



Which is better for water purifier? Technology and service are the key.

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In the current environment of health and environmental protection, water purifier is gradually becoming a household security device, which means that the water purifier industry has great potential in China. However, due to imperfect market regulations, technology and services have become the biggest bottleneck in the industry.
 Which is better for water purifier?
In China's close to 5000 brands, Water purifier Alliance Which one is better? To answer this question, we must proceed from the actual situation. First of all, China's water purifier manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and there are few large enterprises. Among them, there are the largest number of enterprises below 100, so purification technology and after-sales service are not perfect. In this uneven situation, it is really difficult to decide which brand is better.

As the saying goes, "science and technology is the first productive force", the first bottleneck restricting the development of water purifier industry is purification technology. At present, China's water purification technology mainly relies on foreign technology, and some enterprises blindly copy foreign products and technologies in the light of the water quality of our country. Many problems, such as short service life and so on, have also indirectly affected the enthusiasm of domestic consumers to purchase water purifier, which has seriously hindered the healthy development of the industry.

Therefore, the current water purifier manufacturers should focus on the safety, efficiency and convenience of the technology in three aspects, strive to improve the intelligent level of water purifier, and implement the automatic monitoring of water quality, so that consumers can understand the usage of the filter core in time, and replace the filter element in time.

Another bottleneck that restricts the development of water purifier industry is after-sales service. According to the survey data of market users, more than 80% of water purifier manufacturers only pay attention to pre sales work, and often fail to solve the problem in time when the user machine fails or needs maintenance. Unlike other household appliances, water purifiers need to be maintained in a timely manner. For example, the filter element of the water purifier is not regularly cleaned and replaced, which will become a "sewage apparatus", which seriously affects the quality of drinking water.

So which is better for water purifier? Water purification device evaluation network believes that only technically mature and good after-sales service brand is a trustworthy brand.

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