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Is it suitable to join the water purifier now?

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The ancients often used "heaven, time, place, and benefit" as the conditions for judging whether a war could be successful. Many investors who want to join the water purifier industry will have such a question: is it suitable to join the water purifier now?
 Is it suitable to join the water purifier?
We first set up a set of the latest data. In 2019, the white paper on consumption of China's water purification and air purification industry released data showing that: in 2018, the popularization rate of China's water purifier was less than 5%, and the popularization rate of the first tier cities in North China and Shenzhen was not more than 15%, and household water was mainly bottled water and boiled water. The penetration rates in Western and developed countries are respectively 80% in the US, 2. in Europe, 85% in Japan, 80% in Japan, and 95% in Korea.

1, what is the prospect of domestic water purifier?

After reading the above data, I believe you have already known that the market of China's water purifier industry will flourish in the future, and now joining the water purifier is not too late.

2. what about water purifier rural market?

As is known to all, the rapid development of China's industry has caused the pollution of groundwater in towns and rural areas. In the absence of effective control, industrial waste water has been discharged into rivers and underground without treatment. The excessive use of pesticides in rural areas has caused serious pollution to the soil. Groundwater has been unable to meet the needs of drinking, and many families have to solve this problem. The court has started installing water purifiers to solve the potential hazards of drinking water, so it will usher in the outbreak season of water purifier in the future.

3, what is the impact of IOT water purifier on the industry?

The rise of the Internet of things has brought a lot of convenience to mankind, and has also injected new vitality into the water purifier industry. The Internet of things water purifier simplifies the complicated operation process, brings convenience to busy people, and saves water and water while protecting the earth's water resources. Most importantly, the Internet of things water purifier is easier to maintain, to a certain extent, to reduce the burden and unnecessary economic expenses to consumers, and also the effective consumer demand for water.

Is it suitable to join the water purifier now? Commenting on Internet users, the advanced market participants can get more resources and win the opportunity to lay the foundation for the later profits.

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