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What are the characteristics of good water purifier manufacturers?

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Although China's economy has made good progress in recent years, it has also inevitably caused various environmental pollution. Air pollution and water pollution are the most serious. Therefore, some experts have boldly predicted that the popularity of water purifier will be as high as 50% in the next 5-10 years.
This means that the future market of the water purifier industry is very considerable. This is why it is the main reason for so many investment entrepreneurs to join the industry. If we want to join the water purifier industry, we must find a good manufacturer. How can we choose the manufacturer for investment without any experience? What are the characteristics of good water purifier manufacturers? After many years of market experience, a good company should have at least 4 conditions:
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1. enterprise scale
A good manufacturer means a certain scale of production and actual hardware facilities. Many bad manufacturers have exaggerated publicity in the fields of R & D and technology strength in order to gain profits. Hundreds of square small factories are clearly advertised. They are to propagate hundreds of thousands of science and technology parks, the largest production and research bases in certain regions, and so on, which is extremely irresponsible for investors and consumers.
2. product quality assurance
Good water purifier manufacturers have to have good quality, must have the National Health Department issued water related approval, product qualification certificate and business license and so on, otherwise it is difficult to believe the quality of its products.
3. product price positioning and control
We know that the market of domestic water purifier is rather chaotic and has not yet formed a unified and reasonable pricing basis. In order to attract consumers' eyeballs, some brands often use high price as a gimmick to deceive consumers. Therefore, a good manufacturer must have a reasonable position on the price of the product and the ability to control the market price.
4. perfect after-sales service
Without perfect after-sale service, it can not be called a good water purifier manufacturer. Users purchase water purifier to handle and use it well. After sale service is also very important.
What are the characteristics of good water purifier manufacturers? Comment network believes that only those who comply with the above 4 conditions can be regarded as a good manufacturer.

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