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How to make a district water purifier franchised store?

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Recently, a reader friend asked us how to build a water purifier store. Today we are going to talk about this topic.
We know that now all kinds of stores in the vicinity of the district are very popular, and the results are good. Next is about the location of the store, not to mention the store opened next to the community seems to be very simple, in fact, contains a lot of knowledge.

Generally speaking, stores are directly opened at the outlet of the property community gate, but they are generally not allowed to open shops, or have been occupied by other businesses. Then, they may wish to export to the inner side or outside side of the street. Besides, the activity centers in the community can also be rented out as a small room near the neighborhood of the neighborhood committee or the activity room. It is worth reminding that if your store is outside the road, then it is better to choose the flow of people living in multiple communities, where the customers will go to and from work, and they are close to each district, which is a good choice of address.

The address of the store is chosen, then the next is how to manage the operation. The customers of the District stores are fixed owners and relatively stable.

1., making good connections with customers can bring a lot of repeat customers.

2., we should focus our sales on the turnover of individual customers.

3., we should make an analysis of the living habits of people living in different communities, and strive to facilitate the two sale.

How to make a district water purifier franchised store? How's business? As long as you have no problem in site selection and marketing, profitability is a natural thing.

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