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How about the water purifier industry? Do you want to do it?

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According to information, water purification setting (hereinafter referred to as water purifier) has entered our country for nearly 30 years, but there is still a great distance compared with developed countries. Although the penetration rate is not high, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the development of water purifier in the future is immeasurable, which leads to today's topic: how is the water purifier industry? Do you want to do it?
  How about water purifier?
Let us first look at the development prospects of water purifier. Experience tells us to judge whether a product can be profitable. First of all, it depends on its market demand. If there is demand, it can make money. Simply put, when the market for refrigerators, air conditioners and other household appliances was launched, many people would buy it, because the family did need such equipment, and the water purifier not only improved the safety of household drinking water, but also the cost was not high, and most people were willing to buy it.
Let's take a look at our living environment today. Air pollution, water pollution and food safety are all perplexing our lives all the time. Some experts predict that in the next 5-10 years, the domestic water pollution will be 2-3 times more serious than that of now. At that time, every household needs to install water purifier basically. And the relevant information shows that the popularity rate of China's water purifier is only 16%. It can be said that China's water purifier market is still blank, and there is a huge market waiting for development.
Finally, let's take a look at our venture investor. The water purifier market is huge. But whether we can earn money or not, we need to see the choice and ability of investors. After all, only the strong can survive in this mixed water purifier market. Choosing a good brand of water purifier can make investors get twice the result with half the effort.

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