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How to avoid "orphan water purifier"?

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In the water purifier industry, there are many incapable water purifier enterprises unable to provide perfect after-sale service, thus creating a large number of "orphan water purifier". The so-called "orphan water purifier" is actually no one tube, no aftermarket water purifier products, once there is a problem, can only be recognized as the final disposal.
 Orphan water purifier
What are the dangers of "orphan" water purifier?

The biggest problem of the "orphan" water purifier is the direct economic loss and serious quality problems, such as noise and leaking. Once it is not disposed of in time, it may cause family property losses.

Two, how to avoid buying "orphan water purifier"?

1. check the relevant qualifications: when choosing products, consumers must check the health license of the brand, and compare the specifications and models of the brand with those of the hygiene license. For water purifiers with heating and cooling functions, it depends on whether they have 3C certification for household appliances.

2. understand after-sales service: unlike traditional household appliances, water purifier is very dependent on after-sales service, and belongs to professional and technical products. If we decide to buy it, we must choose a brand that has perfect after-sales service.

3. brand protection: Generally speaking, large brands are more secure (such as the United States, Qinyuan, liter, 3M, etc.). Choosing a brand that has a certain reputation will be free from worries.

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