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Why can't the water purifier sell?

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Judging from the current trend of water purification industry at home and abroad, the future of water purifier will become an indispensable member of our life, and at the same time, it will create some business opportunities for this industry. However, many distributors of water purifier have encountered such a problem: why can not the water purifier sell? What is the reason?
 The reason why water purifier can not be sold out
1. site selection is not good.

The address of the water purifier store determines the flow of people, and determines the sales volume. Agents must not pay attention to it. If the funds are not a problem, then we must choose lots of traffic volume, shop decoration can not be too cold, so the foundation has.

2. bad service

Poor sales shops are closely related to the service of salesmen. The attitude of the shopping guide affects the customers' desire to buy. Therefore, agents must pay attention to training their salesmen, and keep smiling at all times to solve the confusion of users.

3. lack of relevant professional knowledge

No professional knowledge, where perfect after-sales service. For the staff of water purifier, it is necessary to familiarise themselves with the knowledge of water purifier, such as how to install the water purifier, how to use the water purifier, what parts of the water purifier have their functions, how to clean the water purifier, etc.

4. mode is not acceptable.

Generally speaking, most of the water purifier shops can not sell well. The biggest problem is that the mode can not work. The traditional mode is simply the direct selling mode, the selling mode, the net sale mode and the exhibition mode. Only by constantly innovating the sales mode can we occupy a place in the water purifier market.

As long as you know and master the above points, I believe that your water purifier stores will be in the market, and the financial resources will come naturally.

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