The choice of agent water purifier will make the brand go all the way.



The choice of agent water purifier will make the brand go all the way.

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Although the prospect of water purifier industry is considerable, there is no good brand and great support, and it is also difficult to operate. Judging from past experience, there are two reasons for the failure of some agents. One is that they do not know enough about the manufacturers, and the other is that they do not choose the right brands. Two, there is no market research. In order to better help the agents out of the predicament, the commenting network summarizes several points:
 Choose the brand of water purifier.
1. choose the right brand.

As an environmentally friendly household appliance product, small brands or miscellaneous brands are doomed to no way out. They can only rely on the price war to maintain them. But in the long run, they can not afford to do so. If agents choose such brands, they can only be used as funeral objects for manufacturers. The big brands are different. They have a certain influence in the market. They have already acted as agents for the shops and can open the market better and faster.

2. field visits

As the saying goes, "seeing is believing, but hearing is not true". Judging from the strength of the manufacturer and the quality of the product is not really seen or understood. Experienced agents know that many of our water purifier manufacturers are small workshops, and the quality of products can not be guaranteed. This undoubtedly concealment time bombs, and do not know when they will suddenly explode, and the consequences can not be imagined. Therefore, we have always stressed that we must make field trips.

3. support efforts

Looking at those agents that have done well, there are really few people sitting on their own completely. Some of those who have just contacted the water purifier industry have no mode, and two no experience can grow up at all. With the support from the manufacturers, the training guidance of professional teams is not a problem. How can this be impossible?

No matter how good the industry is, some people are not doing well. Some bad industries are also doing great things. Why? Time, man, mode, make it!

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