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Which brand of water purifier is more reliable?

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A survey conducted by WHO in 2017 showed that 80% of the world's diseases and 50% of the deaths of children were related to the poor quality of drinking water, and the situation of drinking water safety in China was equally severe.
 Brand of water purifier
We know that drinking water directly boiled by domestic tap water can no longer meet the needs of health, and barreled water is also hard to avoid the "two pollution" problem. Water purifier In order to solve the problem of drinking water, then which brand of water purifier is better?

At present, the popularization rate of water purifier in China is only 16%, which is far from the popularization rate of 70% in the western developed countries. With the emphasis on the living environment factors and the increasing demands on people's health, the water purifier slowly began to spread.

Now, no matter where we are, most of the indicators of our tap water are difficult to meet the standards. If we drink such water for years, we will be in a state of chronic suicide. Many people have long realized that they need to add a water purifier to their home, but they have been struggling to choose what brand of water purifier. Since you are here today, there is no need to tangled up. The brand network will be a revelation. After reading, you will understand very well, depending on your requirements for water quality.

At present, many domestic brands on the market do not have the production capacity of filter cartridge, that is to say, in our country, the field of core technology of water purifier has only been started soon, and many purification technologies still need to be improved. As far as we know, at present, many small businesses only assemble foreign filter cartridges and stick to their own brand sales, which can not be guaranteed after quality and after-sale. But there is also no shortage of powerful domestic brands. They have been able to compete with foreign brands in water purification technology, quality and after-sales service.

In addition, some brands push the sewage capacity, in fact, they are forced to cause sewage, not to discharge dirt and bacteria. If they do not drain sewage for one month, their filter elements can not basically get out of the water, or the water will become smaller and smaller. So they will turn the sewage function into a beautiful lie to mislead consumers. The real situation is that the quality of the filter core is not up to standard.

Warm reminder: at present, the more professional brands in the water purifier industry include beauty, litre, Qinyuan, 3M and so on. Friends who want to buy water purifier may consider these brands and hope that our opinions can help you to improve water quality safety.


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