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Water purifier OEM which manufacturer is good?

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The water purifier has entered our country for nearly 30 years. With the increasing awareness of people's healthy drinking water, the demand for water purifier is also increasing. There is demand for the market, so many discerning bosses have joined the industry. But the first problem they face is the problem of capital and technology. Because there is no technology and lack of relevant production qualification, they have to choose the water purifier, which is what we often call OEM. So which manufacturer of OEM is good?
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1. Quality first, product line full coverage.

As the foundry manufacturer of water purifier, the Ministry of health must have the authority certification of the Ministry of health, such as the approval of drinking water hygiene and safety products license, and so on. If it is "the national product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprise" or "the leading brand of the national water quality industry", it will be better. In addition, the quality of products must be excellent and the production line should be comprehensive: like water purifier filter element, filter case, connector and other fittings of water purifier, and pre filter, pure water machine, energy machine, ultrafiltration machine, softener, central water purifier, commercial water purifier and other water treatment professional equipment, must have the ability of producing.

2. High production capacity and punctual delivery.

According to common sense, the strong foundry manufacturers generally have modern professional production plants, have more advanced production equipment, have standardized and large-scale production capacity. In addition, the wholesale price of water purifier should be economical and practical, with professional and patient after-sales service. These are the necessary conditions for the manufacturers of quality water purifiers so that they can provide the most favorable support for customers. When they encounter large orders, they can produce products day and night, so that they can deliver the goods to the customers in time.

3, customized services to meet individual needs.

As the foundry manufacturer of water purifier, it not only requires quality and production capacity, but also meets customers' customized needs. The manufacturers of water purifier should be able to meet the diverse needs of customers. As long as the data and requirements provided by customers are reasonable, water purifier manufacturers should be able to design and produce products that customers want. When the customer meets the order quantity, it can independently design, separate the mold, and tailor the water purifier type and the water purifier fittings for the customer.
 Water purifier OEM
Water purifier OEM which manufacturer is good? Shenzhen is the largest water purification plant production base in China. Naturally, it is the first choice for many bosses. However, the products of water purifier are mixed up. Investors must polish their eyes and use the above methods to choose a good manufacturer of water purifier.

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