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What is a shared water purifier?

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Sharing the economy in two years has become a popular word on the Internet. All sectors of the industry began to share the economic way to survive, including sharing bicycles, sharing cars, sharing charging treasure, and sharing water purifier. It has almost been extended to every aspect of people's lives.
  Shared water purifier
What is a shared water purifier?

In the field of water purification, the water purifier combines the Internet of things platform and GPRS data transmission technology to design a new type of Water Purifier - shared water purifier, so the shared water purifier is also called the Internet of things water purifier. Users who use shared water purifier only need to use mobile phones or WeChat public numbers to get a real-time understanding of the operation status of their water purifier and the water quality of the water, including the service life and replacement time of the filter element of the water purifier, and even the real-time operation of the water purifier. Shared water purifier is a new mode of production derived from the Internet of things and water purifier. It is a "upgraded version" of the traditional water purifier, which is better than the majority of consumers and water purification enterprises.
How to share water purifiers?

Unlike traditional water purifier, the shared water purifier is actually a water purifier lease. In short, the merchant has changed the sales mode of water purifier, from selling water purifier to leasing water purifier. Besides rent, users also need to pay deposit and installation fees. However, according to the length of the lease, businesses can reduce installation fees and deposit.
What are the characteristics of shared water purifier?

Compared with the traditional water purifier mode. The traditional water purifier is like buying an air-conditioner to buy a computer, buying a machine to buy it home, then the machine is its own, then all the sending and replacing the filter element, all of which are operated by oneself. Sharing water purifier is only the right to use this water purifier. Just like sharing bicycles, the water purifier is still the purifier company, but this water purifier needs to collect service charge when it is used, and these water purifiers are damaged. They need to be repaired and need to be replaced.
What benefits does sharing water purifier bring to people?

For consumers, it can actually save a lot of trouble. If you want to buy a water purifier to go back, you will be responsible for the maintenance of this water purifier, and you need to maintain and replace the filter element. And sharing water purifier, take back only need to rest assured that water is used, others do not bother themselves. Today, the shared water purifier on the market costs only 1-2 yuan a day, which allows the whole family to drink healthy drinking water, which is very attractive to consumers. I believe that in the near future, there will be more and more installation and use of shared water purifier and sharing water purifier will also enter every family.

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