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How many domestic water purifier manufacturers?

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How many manufacturers of water purifiers are there in China? This data seems to have no exact statistics. According to estimates of some industry reports in previous years, there are about 4500-6500 households. Water purifier manufacturers are distributed throughout the country, but they are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, while Shenzhen is the most densely populated area of water purification plants. As the origin of China's water purifier, Shenzhen's surge in the number of manufacturers after 2010 has also laid the status of China's water purifier OEM, ODM, design, manufacturing and production.
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Over the past decade, water quality, air and other consumer entanglements and frequent incidents have made the water purifier market flourish for a time. However, when the booming market brings consumers clean drinking water, there are also some bad phenomena which are criticized by the industry. According to the incomplete statistics of a report, although the number of water purification enterprises in China is huge, there are fewer than 3000 enterprises that actually conform to the industry's qualification certificates, and the strength of obtaining national water related approvals is only a few thousand.
Industry chaos has breeds more false propaganda. Consumers can buy fake goods and agents invest in losses. These "water purifier manufacturers" who have no strength to speak are often used to fight for a place and to deceive users with routines and tricks. The water purifier advertisement is flying all over the sky. The water is really deep. First of all, the brand of water purifier is good at judging the consumer's judgement through the media attack. There is no right or wrong in advertising, but false advertising is not harmful. In fact, the so-called "ten ranking of water purifier", "ten brands of water purifier" and so on, are all part of the "water purifier manufacturer" that has been invented to confuse consumers. Companies that really make good products are more focused on product research and development, and are not obsessed with advertising investment, and natural fame is often followed by word of mouth. While the workshop "enterprise" regards advertisement as a life-saving straw, the crazy offensive also attracts unidentified consumers and water purifier agents. This is why many consumers and agents who are puzzled by their eyes fail to buy genuine products or fail to invest.
Water purification plant is both a victim of chaos and an initiator. If consumers want to ask, what is the most lacking in the water purifier market? Perhaps the more correct answer is that there is a lack of products and good products. Looking back on the development history of water purifier in the past decades, there are very few water purifier products that can really match the world-class enterprises. On the contrary, on the market propaganda and offensive, water purifier manufacturers have invested a lot of power. They believe in the power of advertising and believe that consumers believe in advertising. This kind of enterprise that does not attach importance to advertising and products is one of the sources of bad competition in the industry. Many manufacturers hold the view that design and products are not the most important ones. Individuality and innovation are not the most important. Coupled with a certain degree of marketing strategy, a strong brand will be born instantly, and the market will be exploded by a single blow.
Consumers can only be affected. Especially consumers who buy unscrupulous products. However, they often vote only with their feet, and they can not get more voice power. Even if some consumers are disappointed, the market of water purifier market is still disorderly. The fierce competition and competition of water purifier manufacturers made them bury their heads and cross the river by feeling the stones. Changes in the industry require consumers to realize changes in product concepts, respect for intellectual property rights in enterprises, safeguard national regulations in the industry, a new water purifier consumer market that emphasizes innovation and focuses on product differentiation and user experience. Even if it can not be achieved before, only in this way can we have dual producers and consumers. Win the game.

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