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Pick up the water purifier and identify the anti-counterfeiting mark.

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In daily life, many consumers have the habit of checking the anti fake signs when buying goods. Naturally, the purchase of water purifier is indispensable, because the quality of water purifier directly affects our health.
 Anti counterfeiting mark for water purifier
We know that the products produced by regular manufacturers will be equipped with anti-counterfeiting labels. The main purpose is to let consumers buy genuine products and not be deceived by illegal businesses. However, many consumers still tend to overlook this important point. Comments suggest that consumers should be cautious when buying water purifiers.
The purifying effect of a water purifier is good and bad, which is directly determined by the filter element of the water purifier, while the price difference between different filter elements is relatively large. Taking imported filter cartridge as an example, the price ranges from several hundred yuan to more than 1000 yuan, which is much more expensive than the domestic filter element, but the effect of purifying water is relatively stable. Water purifier filter core price difference is large, but also related to material and technology, such as early water purifier filter core is only composed of ordinary non-woven fabric coated activated carbon filter element, the filter core has PP cotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane, and so on, the technological progress, the price is high.
Many users like to buy filters on the Internet, because the price of online filters is cheaper, but they can not be careless, because there are too many fake filters on the Internet. Although the filter element on the line is more expensive, your point is also reasonable. After all, store cost and labor service cost are there. Therefore, if the economic conditions permit, we still suggest that users buy online, as long as they identify the anti-counterfeiting signs, basically can avoid buying counterfeit products.

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