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Does the kitchen water purifier have a "shelf life"?

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In daily life, all products we use are "lifespan", and water purifier is no exception. After the "shelf life", we need to consider replacement.
 Kitchen water purifiers also have "shelf life", do you know?
In China, there is no relevant warranty period for water purification products, so most consumers do not understand this. However, the shelf life of the water purifier we are going to discuss today is mainly the shell. As for the service life of the filter element, you can refer to "how often does the water filter change the filter element?" "We know that there are mainly three kinds of shell of the water purifier, namely plastic material, stainless steel material and tempered glass material.

1. plastic material

At present, the most popular type of household water purifier is plastic material (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ABS), which is cheap and durable, and the service life is usually about 3-5 years. Therefore, more than 5 years of plastic water purifier, we need to consider replacement, otherwise easy to aging and toxic, easy to impact on water quality.

2. stainless steel material

Compared with plastic materials, stainless steel is more expensive, but it is more durable and has a service life of up to 10 years. However, the household water purifier housing is seldom stainless steel, and stainless steel is mainly used for central water purifier, water softener and so on. This kind of steel is made of shell, which can resist corrosion and rust, and has strong resistance.

3. tempered glass material

Now, the use of tempered glass water purifier is also more common on the market. The glass material has the advantages of good-looking and easy to clean, because the glass is specially treated by tempering, it is resistant to use, will not rust, and will not aging, but it will be easily damaged. As long as we pay attention to it at ordinary times, there is no problem in general 15 years.

Through the above introduction, we know that the water purifier also has a "shelf life", so consumers can not just listen to the "lifelong use" and other false propaganda, but choose and replace according to the actual situation.

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