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Tap water is "clean". Do you want to buy water purifier?

 List of water purifier
Do we need to install water purifier in the "clean water"? First we have to understand that the water is clean or not visible to the naked eye, because the volume of harmful substances such as bacteria in the water is too small. Only by means of a microscope or professional water quality monitoring equipment can we know that the water quality is not clean, so it looks "clean", but in fact it is not.
 Two pollution of tap water
So is tap water dry? Taking municipal tap water as an example, we know that the municipal tap water source is mainly collected from reservoirs and rivers. First, these water sources are precipitated and purified, and then the long distance pipes can then be transported to families. The purification process is still backward: settlement, filtration, adsorption and disinfection.

And not to mention whether the water plant itself will pollute the water quality. Long distance transportation of water pipes alone, long time no replacement, long time no cleaning, water quality can not be guaranteed, plus the problems of some residential areas will also cause water pollution. Therefore, even if the water coming out of the waterworks is clean, there will be various kinds of unavoidable pollution after the transportation channels.

Is there any need to install the water purifier? Through the above analysis, we can see that most of the city's tap water will be polluted to varying degrees. Therefore, it is necessary to install water purifier to prevent the two pollution of water.

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