Tap water is very large. Water purifier seldom comes out of water.



Tap water is very big. Water purifier seldom comes out of water.

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Recently, some users have feedback to us, their own tap water flow is very large, but the water purifier is very few. What is the matter? First of all, we need to check whether there is a blockage of the filter element, if there is a timely replacement of the filter core. If the problem of filter element has been ruled out, we should consider it from other aspects.
 What's wrong with water purifier?
We need to know that large tap water does not mean pressure. The size of water pressure is related to the size of water conveyance pipes and faucets, and it also involves natural phenomena of high and low water level. So how do we know if the tap water pressure is enough? We can test the size of water pressure through a pressure gauge. If the water pressure of tap water can not meet the minimum operating pressure of the water purifier (the general specification will be marked), we should take measures to improve the use of the product as soon as possible.

Reminder: For tap water pressure exceeding 0.4MPa (0.1MPa=1 kg), pressure relief valve must be installed, otherwise the water purifier will burst easily, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.

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