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Three ways to judge whether the water purifier is good or not.

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In daily life, people like cheap and good things while shopping. However, when comparing prices are almost the same, how do you know which brand of water purifier is better? Next, the commenting network teaches you to understand from three aspects:
 How can we tell whether the water purifier is good?
1. look at brands

Of course, we must look at the brand, because to a certain extent, the brand determines the quality. In China, more than 80% of the water purifier manufacturers are small factories, and their production and R & D capability is almost 0. Mainly rely on the main parts assembly, counterfeit, or even find someone else processing OEM, and then sell at low prices in the market.

2. recognition of qualifications

Although the quality of the big brands is relatively guaranteed, it is not ruled out that the illegal brands are counterfeiting, so the inspection of the parts of the water purifier can make the counterfeit and shoddy products disappear. In the water purifier, the water receiving parts are particularly critical, and must be "food grade" materials. But consumers generally do not have this knowledge. How to judge? Water purification experts pointed out: a look at the certification, to see whether the purchase of water purifier has "three package policy", whether there are water related permits and so on; two look at the brightness, generally inferior materials, light brightness, poor transparency; three look at the hardness, it is possible to use hand extrusion, easy deformation will be high-quality products.

3. look at the filter element.

Filter element is the most important component of water purifier, which is equivalent to the human organs. If the quality of the filter core can not be guaranteed, then the filter effect of the water purifier will be greatly reduced.

How to know whether the purchased water purifier is good or not? According to the above three reference standards, fake and shoddy products must be avoided and help consumers buy good water purifier products.

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