Knowledge of household water purifiers



Knowledge of household water purifiers

 List of water purifier
With the continuous development of China's industrial economy, there are inevitably some serious consequences - water pollution, and tap water can not meet the family's demand for healthy drinking water, which gives the water purifier a great room for development. In order to solve the impact of water pollution on life, many families choose to install water purifier. Next we will teach you some household water purifier to purchase knowledge.
 Purchase knowledge of household water purifier
According to filtering accuracy, water purifier can be divided into two types: RO machine and ultrafiltration machine. Users should choose according to their own conditions.

1, China has a vast territory. In northern China, the hardness of water is generally high, and the content of calcium and magnesium ions in the southern mountainous area is high. This is the most important reason for forming scale. What can we do to solve this problem? The best way is to install water softener before entering the water inlet, and the resin filter core of softener can soften the water quality effectively and play a certain protective role for the water purifier.

2, but if the water quality is relatively cloudy, tap water purifier should be installed before the water purifier. Through the primary filtration of the front water purifier, most of the large particulate matter can effectively protect the filter element and greatly prolong the service life of the filter element.

3, experience tells us that tap water in urban and rural areas often contains more chlorine and organic matter. Such water quality should choose more activated carbon filter water purifier, because activated carbon can well adsorb small particles in water.

4, of course, if the water quality of heavy metals is more, then only RO pure water machine can be selected. Generally speaking, the diameter of heavy metal ions is smaller than that of the ultrafiltration membrane. Therefore, ultrafiltration membrane can only filter out a small part of heavy metals. However, when the RO membrane with only 0.0001 micron filtration is applied, the situation is different. RO membrane can reject heavy metals and achieve the goal of purifying water quality thoroughly.

Above is the small knowledge of water purifier, I hope you are good at making use of it, so that water purifier will become the most solid safety guarantee for our domestic water.

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