Water purifier should be adjusted according to local conditions.



The purchase of water purifier should suit local conditions.

 List of water purifier
With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, more and more people attach importance to the healthy drinking water. The installation of water purifier is almost their only way out. But China's water purifier products are numerous, and consumers are often at a loss when dealing with various kinds of gimmicks that are produced by merchants. In this review, we suggest that users should buy water purifier according to local conditions.
 Pure water machine and ultrafiltration machine
As we all know, the current classification of water purifier mainly includes two kinds of ultrafiltration and RO reverse osmosis. The price of domestic RO reverse osmosis water purifier is generally 3000 to 10000, while the ultrafiltration water purifier is between 500 and 2000 yuan, but it does not mean that the pure water machine is better than the ultrafiltration device, because the water quality is different in different areas, so the choice of water purifier is only based on the price. Accurate.

1.RO reverse osmosis pure water machine

Generally speaking, RO reverse osmosis pure water machine.

Equipped with PP cotton, granular activated carbon, sintered activated carbon, and reverse osmosis RO membrane and post activated carbon 5 stage filter element, that is, 5 rows of cylinders seen in appearance, its filtering accuracy generally claims to be over 95%, and can effectively filter out heavy metal ions. But according to the definition of healthy water by WHO, there is a standard that "the mineral content of human body is moderate" in water, while reverse osmosis technology is almost pure water filtered, so calcium and magnesium ions which are beneficial to human body are also rejected.

2. ultrafiltration water purifier

Ultrafiltration water purifier uses ultrafiltration membrane aperture, which is much larger than reverse osmosis membrane, and its filtration accuracy is relatively low.

Here, we have to remind consumers again that some manufacturers or businessmen in water purifier sales often use a certain bright spot as promotional gimmicks to induce consumers to choose and buy. In fact, consumers need not blindly pursue the high precision of filtration, but should purchase from the local water quality as appropriate. If the water quality is hard in the northern area, only the reverse osmosis membrane can effectively filter out the calcium ions in the water and reduce the scale formation. In areas where the heavy metals exceed the standard, it is suitable for the use of reverse osmosis water purifier; if only improving the quality of the kitchen water, removing the sediment, rust, residual chlorine and glue in the water, the ultrafiltration water purifier will be enough for household use.

So we have been emphasizing that pure water machine is not good or bad than ultrafiltration device, only suitable and inappropriate.


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