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The newly installed water purifier does not come out of water?

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Water purifier as an important guarantee for family healthy drinking water, installation of water purifier is imperative. Recently, on a bar, some users reflected that the water purifier was not installed soon after the installation.
 What if the water purifier does not come out of the water?
The first statement of users: When it was installed, there was no problem, but it happened very quickly. There was only a little water on the side of the water purifier. There was almost no water, or a big brand of water purifier. What's the matter?

As a professional of water purifier, first of all, we need to consider whether the water pipe of the water purifier is wrong, whether the water path is clear, whether the water pipe is normal or not, and whether there is any problem with the filter element. Then, from these questions, we can find out where the water purifier does not go out.

Later, under our proposal, the user did some work and finally solved the problem.

The second statement of users: I read the instructions for installation carefully. I forgot the most important step. No booster pump was installed. I can only blame my usual carelessness. I immediately put it in front of the water purifier (to tell the truth) it was really troublesome. I finally relaxed. The original water pressure is not enough, so that tap water can not pass through the filter element. Later, when dealing with the problem of water purifier for the customers outside, most of them were based on changing the odor of the filter or water purifier, especially when many people encountered the problem of no water coming out of the water purifier.

For unfamiliar users, there may be various problems when installing water purifier. If you encounter a water purifier with just installed water, you can refer to the above method. Of course, if all the above possibilities are eliminated, it is necessary to check the problem of the filter itself, replace the filter element, and check the filter elements one by one. We can see if the filter plugging water. Filter plugging these conditions is very little, only to find buyers to replace it.

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