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Must the water purifier be installed?

 List of water purifier
Almost all cities in our country are using municipal tap water. Do you know how tap water is purified? Our country expressly stipulates that the municipal tap water must conform to the "Hygienic standard for drinking water", which can be directly consumed by common sense, but in fact it is not.
 Installation of water purifier
After running water, we have to pass through a long pipeline to get to our home. The pipeline will be aging, water tank aging and long-term exposure, and rust of tap will easily lead to two pollution of tap water during transportation. The boiling water can only kill part of the details, but it can not remove rust, sediment, hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals and other pollutants in the water. The quality of water can not be guaranteed, so water purifier must be installed. Of course, the installation of water purifier must also include the following reasons:
1. water pollution
State authoritative data show that 82% of the rivers in China are polluted by different degrees. In the seven major water systems of China, the river reaches 40% of the river which is not suitable for drinking water sources. 78% of the urban waters are not suitable for drinking water sources, and about 50% of the urban groundwater is polluted.
2. water plant backward technology
Compared with the developed countries in Europe and the United States, China's Waterworks equipment and technology are still very backward. Relying on the original conventional flocculation, sedimentation, flotation, coarse filtration and chlorination process, it can no longer meet the requirements of high quality drinking water.
3. district water supply three times pollution
Most of the high-rise water tanks and water towers have not been specially attended to for a long time, and have not been cleaned in time. There are more and more kinds of sediments in the water tank, and even moss. The poor sealing conditions breed bacteria, viruses, and even rotten animal carcasses, which seriously pollute the water quality of tap water.
4. industrial and agricultural pollution
The main cause of water pollution in China is industrial and agricultural pollution. Industrial sewage can discharge organic compounds such as benzene, phenol and heavy metals into the water. Pesticide residues and colloids used in agriculture will also pollute the water source. At present, there is no good way to deal with it.
Must the water purifier be installed? With the continuous improvement of people's living material level, installation of water purifier to ensure the safety of drinking water is a very urgent need.

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