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What is a wading permit for water purifier?

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I believe that many water purifier producers and distributors have heard of water related approvals, so what is the wading permit for water purifier? What's the use of wading documents? Today we will find out:

The "water license" is the "sole license for hygiene and safety products of drinking water". It is the only authoritative document issued by the government for the production of drinking water products, marking its health and safety.
 Shenzhen health supervision and Administration Bureau
China's "sanitary supervision and management measures for drinking water" clearly stipulates that units involved in the production of sanitary and safe products of drinking water must apply to the government's health administration departments for approval documents for approval of product hygiene, and obtain approval documents before they can produce and sell products.

For consumers, the purchase of water purifier must choose the brand with hygiene approval. In other words, only products with water related approval are qualified products.

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