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What brand of tap water purifier is good?

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The tap water purifier is just as its name implies: it is a mini water purifier installed directly on the faucet. Generally speaking, tap water can not directly drink water, mainly to provide vegetables, wash your face, brush your teeth and so on. The water quality characteristics of the tap water purifier meet the needs of ordinary household water. What brand of tap water purifier is good? The water quality evaluation network thinks that it can be referred from the following aspects:
 Tap water purifier
1. service life

Friends who read the articles in front of us all know that the filter element of water purifier has a service life, for example, PP cotton is usually between three and five months. The life of large carbon and washing carbon is about half a year. RO reverse osmosis experience for about two years. The life of filter material in central water purifier is very large in five to fifteen years. Therefore, the life of tap water purifier is mainly determined by the water quality and water consumption of water users.

2. choose brand

For products, quality is "life". A good tap water purifier must obtain the hygiene license of the health supervision department at the higher level, and be identified by the technical supervision department, which is in line with the state's hygienic standard for drinking water. By the end of 2006, the new version of the hygienic standard for drinking water was promulgated and implemented in July 1, 2012.

3. don't wash blindly.

First of all, let's see what kind of water purifier is suitable for ourselves. The filter core of tubular filter is mainly made of PP cotton, block carbon and activated carbon, as well as ceramic and exchange resin. The ceramic core can be washed by toothbrush and clean water. When the resin is exchanged, it can be regenerated with saturated brine. The ultrafiltration can be washed by backwashing.

4. choose environmentally friendly materials.

To select tap water purifier, we must see the material of the filter element of the tap water purifier. Diatomite is recognized as the most effective medium for solid-liquid separation in the world. On the diatomaceous earth, 0.3 microns of micropores are densely covered. The superfine diatomite is formed by extrusion and sintering at high temperature to form about 10mm thick diatom ceramics. It is equivalent to forming a filter net composed of 1000 layers of ultrafine diatomaceous earth with an aperture of 0.3 microns. The harmful substances and the bacterial septum of over 99% of the tap water with a volume greater than 0.3 microns are separated. It is separated from the outer layer of ceramic so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality.

Household tap water purifier is a miniature water treatment equipment, usually installed in the kitchen, with less filtration water and shorter service life. Although it has a certain purify effect on tap water, it has not yet reached the requirement of drinking water, and consumers can buy it on demand.

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