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What is the reason that water purifier does not come out?

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With the gradual popularization of water purifier, more and more families and units begin to install water purifier. However, there are many kinds of water purifier products in the market, and the quality of products is also uneven, because the quality of products has caused many troubles to consumers and agents. What is the reason why the water purifier does not come out? It is the problem that most users consulted, so today's water purifier evaluation network will analyze the cause of this failure to everyone, hoping to give you all the necessary help.
 Water purifier not to make water
In general, water purifiers do not come out of water, mainly due to the following reasons:
First, the power is out of power. Because the pure water machine works when it needs electricity, when the power is out of power, the machine can not run, that is, can not work, it can not make water, so the machine will not water.
Two, water source or water pressure is too low. Water without water is easy to understand. Without water, the machine will not produce water. When the water pressure is too low, the low voltage switch can not be opened, because when the water pressure is less than 0.5 kg or 0.05 MPa, the low-voltage switch can not feel the pressure of the water, it will automatically shut down, cut off the circuit, lead to the transformer, that is, the power does not supply, so the machine will stop working, so it will not make water.
Three. Inlet ball valve is not opened. If the inlet ball valve is not opened, there will be no water entry, and the low-voltage switch can not be opened.
Four, the intake solenoid valve is bad. The solenoid valve can't be opened, and the water can't pass through the solenoid valve, so it can't get out of the water. Solenoid valve is also equivalent to a switch, when the electromagnetic failure, the solenoid valve switch is closed, the water will not pass.
Five, transformers are bad. When the transformer is damaged, the inlet valve and the pump will not supply electricity and water will not come out.
Six, the booster pump is broken. Booster pump is mainly to provide pressure to the source water, so that the pressure of the source water increases from 1~3 kg pressure to 6~8 kg, so that water can pass through the RO membrane, and then make water. When the booster pump is broken, the water pressure in the RO membrane becomes smaller, which can cause the flow of water to pass through the RO film and therefore can not get out of the water.
Seven, low voltage switch is bad. When the low voltage switch is broken, it will cause the transformer to be unable to supply power, and the machine will not be able to run.
Eight, the high-voltage switch is bad. If the high voltage switch is always in open state and can not be closed, then the transformer will not be able to supply power and the machine will not work.
Nine, filter plugging. When the machine has been used for a long time without replacing the filter element, it will cause blockage of the filter element. No matter whether it is a pre filter element or a rear filter element, it will not be able to discharge water when it is blocked.
Ten, RO membrane clogging or membrane drying. When the membrane is blocked or the membrane is dry, the water may not be able to pass through, but can not discharge water.
Eleven, pipe discount. When the pipe is discounted, the water will not pass.
Twelve, filter core joint raw material belt entanglement improper. If the raw material belt is not properly twisted, it may cause the raw material belt to block the joint of the filter element and unable to pass water.
What is the reason that water purifier does not come out? There are no twelve reasons. When the machine is not able to get out of the water again, it will be able to deal with it as long as the reason is checked.

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