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How to choose water purifier? Three common mistakes

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When a water purifier is selected for purchase, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the water purifier before purchasing it, so as not to be fooled by the seller. Maybe some local tyrants' shopping idea is "expensive is good". Buying a five thousand or six thousand water purifier is not blinking, but most families still can not afford such a water purifier price. Therefore, when choosing the more valuable kitchen appliances, it is still necessary to learn how to avoid misunderstandings.
Three common mistakes are summarized.
One mistake, the more filter elements, the better.
Sellers of water purifiers often advertise the quantity of water filters they sell. They must not be fooled by these numbers. The filtering effect of four or five simple filter materials may not be as strong as that of a high performance filter element. Experts recommend that the last filter of water should use disposable filter element as far as possible (advantages: high filtration precision, any impurity and virus will be removed, suitable for any water source), and avoid two pollution.
Misunderstanding two, we only value brands.
Many famous electrical appliances manufacturers produce very diverse appliances. They are popular brand products. They may not be special in some electrical field. When buying, buyers often value brands only and neglect their professionalism. Xiaobian suggests that you buy water purifier or buy a brand of business that only makes water purifier products, not only will there be good guarantee for technical quality, but it will also provide you with more professional services.
Misunderstanding three, filter element can not be replaced for several years.
What is the filter core, of course, is to filter out impurities and harmful substances in the water. The seller claims that the filter element 3~5 does not need to be replaced, that is not to say indirectly that their home water purifier filter effect is not good, oneself hit his mouth. It is because of the good filtration effect that it is easier to plug. The blockage of the filter element is a good filter element, which means that the water purifier is really effective.

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