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The TDS value of water can be directly drunk. Regarding the TDS value, the Chinese national direct drinking water standard stipulates that the TDS value of less than 50 belongs to the water that can be directly drunk, while the TDS value of the international direct drinking water standard is also between 0-50, so it is generally believed that Water TDS Less than 50, you can drink directly. We know that the effluent of the water purifier is in this range, of which the RO reverse osmosis water purifier is smaller, only about 1-10.
TDS is the abbreviation of English total dissolvedsolids, the total volume of dissolved solids in water. The amount of dissolved matter in water is TDS value. The purity of water can be measured indirectly by resistance.
 Direct drinking water standard
Pure water is an insulator. Under natural conditions, water is rich in inorganic salts and organic matters and becomes conductor. The more salt substances in water, the higher conductivity of water. The TDS value is the total quantity of conductive substances in water. The TDS value can not directly reflect the quality of water, because the conductivity of substances in water is the sum of harmful characteristics and beneficial substances.
TDS pen is generally used for measurement, but need to know:
1.TDS value does not reflect water quality.
China has a vast territory, some places have special water quality, and different standards of tap water. Qualified tap water, which is harmless to factories, has some TDS up to more than 1000, and some places may be less than a few dozen. TDS can only detect the amount of conductive substance in water. Water quality is not harmful to human beings. It can not detect harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses in water.
2.TDS value can not be measured whether the hardness of water is high or low.
The hardness of water is mainly determined by the content of carbon ions and magnesium ions. The TDS value reflects the total content of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and carbonate ions, hydrogen carbonate ions, chloride ions, sulphuric acid ions and nitric acid ions in water. The two are not proportionate.
3.TDS value can not detect the acid-base of water.
The pH value of water is determined by the Ph value of water, that is, the concentration of hydrogen ions in water is too small, which is also proportional to the TDS value.
4. TDS value can not represent the index of filtration quality for all water purifiers.
At present, the mainstream technologies of water purifier include ultrafiltration technology, ceramic filtration, RO membrane water purifier filtration, etc. TDS value can only reflect whether the water purifier achieves the filtering effect, and the effect of ultrafiltration and ceramic filtration is not obvious, because two of the filtration accuracy is above 0.01 microns, and the conductive minerals and ions in water can pass through.
Although the TDS value can not represent the water quality of the water itself and the filtration accuracy of the water purifier, it can be used as a reference value to detect the filtration capacity of the water purifier and the total volume of the conductive body in the water.
When testing the water purifier, it is important to note that when the activated carbon on the water purifier is used for the first time, there will be a small amount of carbon powder and a part of inorganic matter precipitated. At this time, if the TDS test is used, it may cause the TDS value to be high. So when the water purifier is used for the first time, it should first wash the activated carbon for more than an hour, or disconnect the activated carbon interface first, so that RO can be reverse osmosis. Membrane water is directly used to test, activated carbon is mainly used for adsorption and removal of residual chlorine, can improve the taste of water, breaking activated carbon will not affect the TDS value.

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