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What is the TDS value of water?

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Friends who want to buy household water purifiers will hear salesmen introduce or measure the TDS value when they understand the products. The lower the TDS value, the better the water quality. Is that so? What is the TDS value? Let me explain it to you in detail today.
1. What is the TDS value?
The so-called TDS, in fact, is the abbreviation of Total Dissolved Solids, meaning the total amount of dissolved solids in water. It indicates how many mg dissolved solids are dissolved in 1 liters of water, and the unit of measurement is mg / L. The higher the TDS value, the more impurities the water contains.
2, China's provisions on the TDS value of drinking water
The limit of TDS value for drinking tap water in the hygienic standard for drinking water in 2006 is: less than or equal to 1000mg/L.
The average TDS value of tap water is about 250mg/L in real life.
 TDS value
3, look at the TDS value comprehensively and fairly, and understand the real situation of water quality.
But TDS also has blind spots. Now we measure TDS generally using TDS pens. The principle is indirectly reflecting the TDS value through electrical conductivity, so it can detect conductive impurities in water, but it can't do anything for bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is not the most correct way to judge whether the water quality reaches the standard of drinking water by TDS value alone. There are many indicators to test whether or not to drink, and the total amount of dissolved solids is only one of them. This shows that businessmen simply exaggerate the function of TDS. One sidedly emphasizes that the lower the TDS value is, the better the water quality is. It is a blatant misleading. When friends choose to buy household water purifier, they must polish their eyes and carefully retort it.
In addition, the TDS value can be used as a reference for hardness of water. Because hard water contains calcium and magnesium ions, the TDS value will be high, so more than 350 can be considered as hard water.
And the pure water machine also needs TDS value to test whether its performance is achieved. The TDS value of purified water in general water purifier should be below 30.
4. How to determine the TDS value of tap water
In fact, the measurement of TDS is very simple. It is necessary to use a TDS test pen to test quickly, so as to master the water quality of tap water in time.
See here, we should have a general understanding of what the TDS value is. This is the sharing of water quality evaluation network. I hope it will help you when you choose home water purifier.
Welfare: if you want to have a general understanding of the water quality in the area, you can query the local water quality status through the "national water quality query system".

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